Community of Thought Leaders

Here are a few of the people we work with and will bring to the work we do for you. You can expect exciting developments when you collaborate with DDC’s Community of Thought Leaders:

gale_alexanderGale Alexander, Director of Operations, is the other face and voice of DDC. From idea to reality, Gale makes it happen flawlessly; she is a Pro.

LInda2013_photoWebinar125wLinda DeLuca, PCC is Chief Collaborator with DDC. Linda is “The Secret Weapon” when you have an important presentation; her work is unparalleled and so is yours after you’ve worked with her.

Mary OConnorMary O’Connor is an expert Career Coach, bringing her coaching skills to work for you in identifying what’s next.

rp12Richard, MultiMediaAction, is our Go-To-Guy for all things website. He is fast. He is talented. He is creative. He delivers more than you expected. Plus, he lives in Tasmania and has that cool Aussie accent. Need it done? Call Richard. We did.

DDC’s COMMUNITY of THOUGHT LEADERS includes the Coaching team from Coaches Without Borders ; DDC is proud to be among the team of excellent go-to Coaches in The Wharton School Graduate Leadership program, Mindful Leadership Consulting, CCI, The Executive Womens Forum, Karlin Sloan & Company, and the Impact Group.

Athena Red Rug Pup

Our Director of Gratitude (D.O.G.) is Athena. She makes sure we take breaks for ball, belly rubs, frisbee and, of course, kibble.

This website was originally designed by Danya Henninger and we appreciate her beautifully clean, zen design. Photos of Deb by Michael Hagan of Michael Hagan Photography.


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