“[Deb] helped me to communicate and clarify things in a way that put me on the path I’m on today. Her ability to listen objectively and respond with questions and suggestions that guide you to the best decision was almost unnoticed, but as I look back I realize her support was instrumental in my success.”

David Smith

President, Cortez Enterprises, Inc.

“I have relied on her phenomenal skill set and professionalism for my own clients. Not only do I recommend Deb for her work ethic, but also her proven results, competency, and integrity. She is a trusted colleague.”

Justin Flax

Associate Director, Marketing, Advertising & Creative Services, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

“Deb helped me through a challenging career change and kept me focused on the ultimate goal. I worked with Deb regularly to challenge my approach and energize my career search. Her help was essential in concluding my final working arrangements with my new employer. I would highly recommend Deb to anyone seeking to make a change!”

Tom Morgan

President, Tom Morgan & Associates, Inc.

“a positive influence that changed the course of our lives forever.”
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Dan & Karen Hepsley

Business Owners in Ireland (!)

“You help me to take ownership of skills I have but wasn’t sure how to use. To me, that is value.”

K. Shedd

General Motors

“I had no idea I was capable of so much change. Very pleased that I decided to invest in myself this year and deal with some of the [behavior] that has been keeping me from reaching my full potential.”

Senior leader, U.S. E.P.A.

“Morale was quite low before Deb started working in my department. In fact, she was specially chosen to join our group because her energy is infectious but not overbearing. She did a great job of listening to our concerns and created a plan that included both short term, quick payback items and longer term tasks that would require more work but also greater improvements to the working environment. I had a great time working with Deb on some of these projects and she is certainly missed at my company. But the stuff that she put into place continues to improve the atmosphere in my department and for that I’m highly thankful.”

Steve Palchik


“What I liked about your facilitation of our board visioning session was that you listened to us and delivered what WE wanted as our vision. We’ve had a lot of facilitators come in and tell us what they do, and then they deliver what they see as our vision.”

Joann Usher

Chair of the Board, GALA

“I worked with Deb to develop the Coaches Without Borders Concept and found her to be a powerhouse of energy, full of ideas . . . Whoever works with her will be struck by her ‘can do’ personality, great skill and confident style.”

Rebecca Sabah

Technical Adviser to the Executive Secretary at United Nations Economic Commission for Africa

“Deb Denis is about direction and inspiration. Her professional, yet gentle style of guidance gave me the confidence that I needed to move forward, in several directions. Her guidance allowed me to become aware of skills and abilities that I forgot I had. She helped me rediscover who I really am.”

Marsha Howard

Coach, Womens Community Builder

“[Deb Denis] has the wisdom to know what is good, and the heart to do what is right in Coaching.”

Professor J. Acosta-Pasricha, Ph.D

“She really understood the turmoil of emotions that I was going through and helped me begin the process of looking forward instead of backwards. Deb’s enthusiasm for the future was contagious.”

Verizon Senior Leader

[working with Deb] “is like having my own personal MBA”

Senior Director, #1-rated Children's Hospital

“I have a list of go-to people in my life. Deb is one of them. She is the consummate professional and dedicated to her craft. She shines as a mentor and knows what she is doing. I trust her judgment and decision making.”

Donald Choi

Knowledge Management & CTO Operations, Unisys

“Deb is an incredible coach! Her ability to help me understand things clearly allows me to stay focused on what I need to work on in order to achieve my goals . . . . The coaching process has [helped me develop] previously unknown, unrealized potential, build self confidence, and learn what motivates me – all have been achieved.”

Lynn Sudden

Business Owner

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