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Experiential Learning

People learn in many different ways; for example: visual, auditory, kinesthetic. Research shows that people learn best when their preferred learning style is matched by appropriate teaching methods.

This is why educational experiences with Deb Denis Consulting are always EXPERIENTIAL in nature, following a simple rule of thumb to appeal to all styles:  Tell, Show, Do.

“The course structure, flow and interaction was well-planned and really well designed.”

Workshops with Deb can be:
  • As condensed as 2 hours or as expansive as 2 days
  • Held both virtually and in-person
  • For both small and large groups
  • Contact Deb to take the next step in bringing powerful learning experiences to your group or organization.
Possible Workshop Topics Include:
  • Coaching, Create a Coaching Culture, Develop Coaching Competency
  • Diversity, Generations, Psychology of, Bias-Busting, Gender
  • Emotional Intelligence and related competencies
  • Communications: Interpersonal, Strengths, Powerful Presentations, Negotiation, Conflict
  • Career and Transition – Develop Your Ideal Career, Job Search Strategy, Resume, Interview, Negotiation
  • Mentor – Coach – Manager

“You support attendees to make a paradigm shift, which makes a huge difference for them and the people around them.  I have been using the strategy when I visit my mom in her Alzheimer’s unit.  And with my son (at Penn!) …  Thirty minutes later and he said, ‘Thanks, Mom, for letting me talk this through.'”  

Fall Brunch 2012 Deb Discussion Group


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