Our Philosophy

We are client-centered and strengths-based. We know that results matter. That’s why we measure impact in qualitative and quantitative ways to spotlight the value and return on your investment.

We know that coaching is an accelerator. Clarity, confidence, interpersonal savvy, persuasion and influence, leadership and executive presence. Coaching sharpens skills at all levels, from those identified as future leaders to those already in roles of high responsibility.


Solving Problems

Representing 20 to 30% or more of a company’s investment, we know that talent-related issues are the number one concern of CEOs, according to a CEO survey by Harvard Business Review. We help you maximize that talent pipeline you’ve worked hard to find and fill. You set the tone and direction; we coach your best to become even better—supporting your vision to retain and develop, foster global mindsets and cultural competency, and motivate people through challenging times.

Team of Thought Leaders

Our team of thought leaders, strategy consultants, and executive coaches are skilled in many areas, with the common thread of using a coaching approach—high touch and highly customized to you and your goals.

Deb Denis MSOD, CPC, PCC

The Deb Denis Group is led by President and Executive Coach Deb Denis. With an action-oriented style based on depth and mindfulness, clients call her a confidence catalyst who “gets it". She quickly establishes the kind of rapport that kindles breakthrough results. Deb is a trusted thought partner who is positive and future-focused, truthful and direct. 

The Deb Denis Group includes Practice Leaders in executive coaching, strategy, and leadership development, group and team coaching, virtual and global workforce and culture, business coaching, career coaching, personal branding and marketing. 

The coaching approach, customized.  Learn more about what we can do for you.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help people see what’s possible and get there. We work with leaders in business to elevate mindset, behavior, and impact. This requires a process to help them leverage the talent and skills that got them to where they are today, that creates clarity about current state roadblocks, and supports them in moving from what’s now to what’s next.

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Contact Us

Contacting The Deb Denis Group is the first step on your journey of improvement as a leader. Build skills and differentiate yourself professionally. Begin the dialogue today.

Email: Deb@debdenis.com
Phone: +1-484-424-4241

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